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Private Mat Pilates Classes, Private reformer pilates in Mount Roskill Auckland


Private Pilates studio in Auckland Central New Zealand

Mat Pilates

If you're looking for an effective full body workout while toning your muscles, focused on core, pelvic floor strength, and reducing back pain, then look no further than Pilates with Hafsa.


Experienced and certified in classical Mat Pilates, Hafsa's comprehensive 60 min sessions include essential exercises for a classical Pilates workout matched with props like the overball, therabands, light hand weights, the Pilates magic circle and a yoga block.


Get ready to experience Pilates like never before.

Pilates Pre & Postnatal sessions provides safe and effective exercise for mothers both during and after pregnancy. 



Through low impact, yet highly effective Pilates exercises, you can build strength in your pelvic floor and core muscles to safely carry the extra weight of the pregnancy and help ease back and pelvis pain.


A consistent workout routine suitable to your body can reduce aches & pains, and promote a more comfortable pregnancy and postpartum period. 



Book in for a private session and learn how to strengthen your core and leak-free pelvic floor with ease and comfort.

Pregnancy pre natal and postnatal classes in Mount Roskill, Auckland Central, New Zealand

Pre & Postnatal

Safe pre natal exercise for expecting mothers: A healthy pregnancy starts with a healthy mother. 

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